Fight or Flight: How to Free Yourself from Fear



Who, or what, is your greatest enemy? This simple question is actually quite challenging because we face many different adversarial forces in our lives. We have enemies within and enemies without. We have psychological enemies, emotional enemies and inner demons. We have enemies that are real and some that may be imagined. We have enemies that are physical and many more that are intangible.

And yet from all these adversaries, the single greatest enemy of ours is called fear. Why is fear the most dangerous obstacle in our lives, our worst enemy? Because fear is insidious, it is concealed, invisible. There is no weapon or firepower involved, no smoking guns and loud noises to announce its arrival. Fear works in a very cunning way, with silent strength and quiet power. It is undermining and paralyzing; causing lack of initiative, indecisiveness, stagnation, apathy, demoralization, resignation and so many other symptoms that it can manifest in. Fear is what holds us back from going anywhere in life. And that is the worst enemy facing a human being. Without fear we can take on any challenge, but fear freezes us in our tracks. If we are not moving forward, where are we going?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a fundamental discussion on fear as he shares vital tools and practical steps needed to overcome this great but silent enemy. And once you conquer fear, all the vistas and great horizons open up for you, nothing will be able to stop you.  A new life will emerge, one of hope and excitement for the future.


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