Fighting Fear With Fear
Parshat Behaalotecha



Has anyone figured out how to overcome fear? Fear is one of the most debilitating forces in our lives. It’s negative energy weakens and seeps into every decision (or indecision) we make. If we were able to eliminate or at least diminish out inner fears how much would we be able to flourish accomplish? How much would that improve our relationships, our friends and our influence? Who, after all, wants to be around fearfulness and tentativeness and all the other byproducts of fear?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this workshop — a continuation of last week’s discussion (broadcast from Jerusalem) — and  discover a new revolutionary way to fight fear — with fear itself. Embrace a healthy fear and awe and that will deplete the energy of unhealthy, backbreaking fears. Learn the Kabbalistic secret method hidden in this week’s Torah portion, which assures us how to avoid harm and fear even when we face danger. Develop new wellsprings of courage and fortitude to take on any challenge that comes your way.


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Parshat Behaalotecha”

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