How High Can You Reach?
Pre-Shavuot Workshop



What are you truly capable of? How great can you actually become?
As we get older it appears that our belief in our capacity seems to wane. When we were young and idealistic we believed that everything was possible. But as the years roll on, this belief seems to decline, if not plummet. Some might call this realism. But is that the case? Can you honestly say that you know how high you can reach? A statement like that would mean that you know your full potential and everything you are capable of. Without entering into your innermost psyche how on earth can you know your possibilities? Age and experience — including disappointments, losses and shattered dreams — certainly can weaken our confidence and make us feel that we are limited. But that is more about our subjective feelings than our objective reality.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this empowering and life affirming Shavuot workshop and learn about your true possibilities — how to see and how to conquer new horizons, panoramas that you may have long forgotten or perhaps never known of. Discover where heaven meets earth: Right at your doorstep.


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Pre-Shavuot Workshop”

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