How to Build a Marriage That Defies the Odds



How many of today’s marriages are healthy and successful? What even defines success in marriage? Is it simply two people getting along, or is there more to it? While failed marriages can be difficult to measure, current statistics show up to a 50% divorce rate. And that does not take into account dysfunctional marriages and emotionally divorced couples who remain only technically married.

So we are left with the million dollar question, which is asked again and again: Can we build a marriage that defies the odds? Is there a formula for a healthy and successful marriage?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he tackles, in his unique way, this formidable challenge. Take a journey into the heart and soul of love and relationships, and above all — into the inner obstacles and demons that block and blind you from finding and holding on to your soulmate. Yes, you can be, unbeknownst to you, your own worst enemy, acting in ways that undermine your own happiness. Learn methods to identify and neutralize your own blind spots, uncover your hidden strengths — and build a healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationship.


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