How to Define Your Moral Standards



Morality lies at the heart of every healthy society. Without mutual ethical values checking raw self-interest and different viewpoints, any group of individuals would tear itself apart. But what/who defines our moral standards? If we are left to our own subjective devices to determine right from wrong, how can we find common ground and respect? Even if we can achieve a consensus and build a constitution of laws to govern our communities and nations, what happens with all the areas that cannot be legislated and enforced, like decisions we make in the privacy of our homes and families — how do we decide what is virtue and what is vice?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he explores this important topic, which impacts every aspect of our lives. Is morality wired or acquired? Is it inherent in our DNA, or is it something we are taught? How do we identify values that transcend and unite us all? Discover the answers to these and other critical questions, as you learn some surprising insights into the very nature of our collective and personal psyches, and how we can and must unearth the moral “threads” that connect every one of us while embracing our individuality.


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