How to Disagree Without Hate



Many of us are befuddled by the current polarized climate, in which people — on all sides of an argument — cannot disagree in a civil manner. It’s natural for us to have different opinions. So why in the world do our disagreements have to become personalized? Even if we adamantly and passionately believe in a certain position, why does it have to spill over to invalidating the other, even to the point of hatred?! An open mind would seem to welcome diverse perspectives, and even learn from them. After all, we are all subjective, none of us have an absolute monopoly on truth, so wouldn’t it make sense to learn from each other, and see various opinions — even conflicting ones — as an opportunity to crystallize an issue, and come away with the best possible approach?

What lies at the root of diversity leading to divisiveness? Of dissenting viewpoints turning into bitter and toxic battles? Of the inability for intelligent people to argue with kindness and love?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he addresses this critically important subject, one that is affecting us all. By digging into the origins of discord we discover its antidote. Learn what each of us can do to become part of the solution, to help create harmony within diversity — respecting the dignity of each individual, finding deeper truths in our differences, without annihilating one another.


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