How to Forgive When You Cannot Forget



Many of us carry painful memories of hurtful experiences in our pasts. Some of these memories remain etched in our psyches, at times even haunting and disrupting our lives — in ways that we are aware of, and often unaware of. How many of our emotional fears, insecurities and trust issues are a result of old scars?

How then can we move on from these deep wounds? Can we free ourselves from the tentacles of difficult past experiences? Is it possible to forgive if you cannot forget?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he tackles these big questions, and offers a method and formula for not allowing painful memories define who you are; not allowing your past define your future. Discover the power of forgiveness — how it is not just about forgiving another, but forgiving yourself; how it allows you to transcend your experiences and achieve closure even if you may never forget what hurt you. Learn how to access dimensions within yourself that help you liberate your spirit from the forces that keep it trapped, and spread your wings to scale new heights.


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