How to Love Yourself Unconditionally



Self-love is inherent in every one of us, and necessary for living a wholesome life. But then why do so many people dislike themselves? On the other hand: Is there a form of unhealthy self-love that breeds selfishness and arrogance? And how is that different than healthy self-love that fosters self esteem and self confidence?  How does one create a positive balance between self-love, humility, and selflessness? Can you love another if you don’t love yourself? With so much left wanting in the healthy loving role models in our lives, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the confusion we have about these matters.

Living in a world of confusion, often lacking healthy, loving role models, it comes as no surprise that these questions beg for clarity.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this candid talk on an issue that lies at the core of virtually every aspect of our lives and the forces that drive our decisions: Can I, and how can I, love myself unconditionally? Discover the meaning of healthy self-love, and what you can do to uncover it in your essence. Find out how to reclaim what is truly your birthright — your personal dignity and self-respect — and learn to live a life driven by that inner flame that defines the indispensable you.


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