How To Study



We all went to school which is meant to be a place of study. A place where we are officially called students. But did we actually learn how to study? Do we really know how to learn and assimilate new information? Do we continue to grow in our knowledge? It may seem simple, but the fact is that there is an art to studying. Study is not merely acquiring data and information; it is integrating methodology with skills. How one studies is how one listens, absorbs, and broadens one’s horizons. Study is far more than scholarship. It is about building relationships. It’s about learning from everyone and everything that comes our way. It’s about growing beyond prejudice, bias, stereotypes and pre-conceived notions.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson on this 205’th yohrzeit of the holy Rabbi Schneur Zalman, a master teacher and author, and learn the real secret of how to study — the method of immersing yourself in any text, or class; to probe, explore, challenge, and come away with a deeper way of looking at life.


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