Exodus: The Inside Story – Volume II

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A Chassidic Perspective on Biblical Events, Laws, and Personalities

The Inside Story: Exodus is a journey into the fascinating and empowering world of the Torah’s inner meanings.

Why did the Nile turn into blood?

What do the mysterious “cherubim” on top of the golden ark in the Tabernacle represent?

What is the inside story behind Moses’ mask?

What do the “four guardians” teach us about the interplay between responsibility and reward in our own lives?

The sixty-two essays in this volume each explore an event or insight from the book of Exodus to illuminate the big questions of life as well as its most rudimentary concerns.

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1 review for Exodus: The Inside Story – Volume II

  1. 5 out of 5

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    Yanki Tauber adaptions of the essays of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Volume 1, Genesis, Volume 2, Exodus, and Volume 3, Leviticus have helped me to understand the deeper meaning of G-d’s messages and laws as written in the biblical text. I especially like the way the perspectives of Chassidism and Kabbalah are given utilizing the texts of the Talmud, Mishneh Torah, Zohar, and Tanya as well as other sages to help the reader apply these teachings to our current daily lives as a means to bring G-d’s holiness down to earth. It teaches what our purpose here on earth is. I started my studies by reading the Tanaka but when I saw that the volumes of the Inside Story were available, I added them to my studies. After seeing reference to the Tanya, I added that to my studies. Now my library includes the three volumes of the Inside Story, The Tanaka, and the Tanya. As soon as Volumes Four and Five of the Inside Story are available, I will add them to my studies as well. Each time I read any of these texts I learn something new. I highly recommend all volumes of the Inside Story to all whom want to live their lives on purpose. This will not only make you and all your relationships happy but most important, it will make G-d happy.

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