Issue 26 | Parshat Vayeitzei | Opportunity Knocks



The Treasures that Lie Beneath You 

Inherent to all life pursuits is that we need to be “go getters.” From young age we are taught that you will not be given gifts on a platter; if you want something you have to aggressively take the initiative and go out and get it. 

Indeed, even from a spiritual perspective, the deeper reason for human migration across the globe is in order to gather the Divine sparks scattered all over Earth. When we travel from place to place – for work, pleasure or other reasons – we are actually being led to uncover the spiritual opportunities (“sparks”) allocated to our respective soul missions. 

But there are times when we can remain put in one place, and the opportunities seek us out instead of us having to seek them out. 

In this Baal Shem Tov insight, explaining G-d’s promise to Jacob in our Torah portion, we learn the secret to having tremendous opportunities knock on our door. Indeed, we discover that these treasures are lying right beneath us.


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