Issue 28 | Parshat Vayeishev | Do You Have a True Friend?



Finding Love in a Hostile World 

Do you have a true friend in this world? Someone you can speak with as you speak with yourself, with no defenses and no fears? Someone you can totally trust? 

In this fascinating insight, the Baal Shem Tov teaches us – through interpreting the story of Joseph – the meaning of a true friend. 

“What is a Rebbe?” someone once asked the Rebbe. The Rebbe replied: “A Rebbe is a friend, a true friend.” Surprised, the man said, “is that all?! I have many friends. What makes a Rebbe special?” Without hesitation, the Rebbe replied: “Allow me please to define the meaning of a friend, and then tell me how many friends you have.” 

Discover the Rebbe’s surprising definition of a friend.


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