The Kabbalah of the Rainbow: Balancing the Colors of Your Life



Rainbows: marvels in nature that capture our attention. What is it about this multicolored arc in the sky that mystifies us? What lies beyond the natural phenomenon caused by the refraction of light in water droplets? Much, explain the mystics. More than you can imagine.

The first documented rainbow is in the Biblical story of Noah, who survived the flood that destroyed the world’s population due to its transgressions. The rainbow – “my rainbow in the clouds” – serves as the covenant between G-d and “all living souls,” reminding G-d of his promise after the flood never to destroy the world again, despite its sins. Why a rainbow? What is unique about the rainbow that makes it a sign of peace? And why does G-d need to be “reminded” of this covenant; is His promise not enough?!

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he unravels the mystery of the rainbow and its personal messages for our lives. Discover how the rainbow, in its seven-color poly-chromatic display, carries the secret of human survival — both collectively and individually. How, for example, can we survive and co-exists in harmony when we are so consumed with self-interest and so capable of self-destruction? The rainbow contains the answer to this and many other paradoxes of our lives. And it offers us vital lessons in realizing our enormous potential and that of our relationships. You will never see a rainbow quite the same, as you learn how a 4121 promise is more relevant today than ever.


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