The Kabbalah of Technology: Getting Comfortable With the Invisible



So much has been said and written about the breathtaking wonders of our technological age. Technology’s negative impact has also been covered — how it has depersonalized us, undermined intimacy and caused some of us to lose our souls. But one thing glaringly missing from the discourse is the “soul” of technology: What spiritual values does it represent and what transcendent opportunities does ot offer us? How does modern science and hi tech reflect the mystical? Can we bridge the “soul” and “body” of technology? Can we benefit from its blessings without compromising on our integrity?

Please in Rabbi Jacobson in this timely and relevant talk on the deeper meaning of technology, and its power to create convergence and fusion of matter and spirit. Discover hidden dimensions in technology, which will give you a fresh glimpse into hidden dimensions of your psyche and of the cosmos. Learn what truly makes technology tick and how it can help you uncover the forces that make you tick, and perhaps also give you a peek into what the future holds.


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