Kedoshim: Do You Ever Lie About Your Weight?



Everyone is weight-conscious, especially in this post-Passover period. So this is a good time to ask: What can our weight teach us about our connection with the Creator? 

As strange as this question may sound, it is actually in line with this week’s Torah reading which talks about honest weights and measures. 

Usually, we associate honesty in dealing with others. Do not steal, do not lie, do not cheat implies do not fool another person. But, when it comes to honest weights and measures, another factor comes into play – not fooling ourselves. And therein lies the connection between weight and our relationship with God. 

We learn from the Talmud that creating false weights and measures in business is prohibited, even if they are never put to use. And we learn from Rabbeinu Bechai the reason – by creating false weights and measures we are fooling our own selves. 

Stealing from our own selves may be worse than stealing from others – a thief knows he’s a thief, but those who lie to themselves convince themselves that they are telling the truth. 

Learning to weigh ourselves honestly is the perfect exercise to get us into tip-top shape. 

DISCLAIMER: This sermon alone will not guarantee a significant or noticeable loss of weight. In other words: Results may vary, depending (as with most things) on one’s level of commitment.


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