Ki Tissa: Intimate Secrets



Is there anything we can do to repair a broken relationship? How can we make amends after a betrayal?

None of us are immune to challenges in our personal relationships. The old idiom goes that a marriage without an occasional argument is a bad sign. But what happens when the arguments dominate and overwhelm the bond? Sometimes relationship challenges can be quite serious. Betrayal or other severe transgressions can put a terrible strain on a marriage and even destroy the union. Can we mend a relationship that has been broken? Can we rediscover love after it has been compromised?

You may be surprised to learn that this week’s Torah reading answers this question with an unequivocal yes! Moreover, it actually teaches us methods how to rebuild a shattered relationship.

Barely 39 days after they heard the commandment not to worship false g-ds, the Jewish people built the Golden Calf. G-d was understandably unforgiving over this blatant betrayal. But then…

Enter Moses to offer us a rare – once in history – glimpse into the intimate secret of communicating with the Divine, as he beseeches that G-d forgive and reconcile with the people.

In a deeply moving and fascinating dialogue, Moses probes the inner workings of G-d. “Show me Your face,” Moses implores. And G-d responds and ultimately forgives.

The dialogue between Moses and G-d contains many powerful lessons for forging an intimate relationship with G-d and for mending our human relationships that may have been inadvertently damaged or estranged.

This sermon explores ten (of many) such lessons, including: 1) why total disclosure is important, 2) how to see the face of your beloved, 3) what it takes to heal, and more…

[You can pick and choose among these lessons].



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