5 Ki Tissa Sermon to Choose From



Get five complete and original sermons for Parshat Ki Tissa (or purchase them individually)

1. Is Real Estate Development Jewish?
Every Jew is an expert architect and developer who turn plots of fallow land into spiritual real estate. Our tools are described in this week’s Torah reading – which talks about Betzalel, the head of the Sanctuary Construction Project: Wisdom (Chochmah), Insight (Binah), and Knowledge (Da’at).
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2. Moshiach: The Anointed One
Moshiach means “the anointed one.” Why use this name to describe the redeemer G-d will send to bring the final redemption? We can find the answer in this week’s Torah reading, which describes the shemen ha’mishcha (the anointing oil), which reveals for us the secret of redemption.
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3. Stubborn and Undaunted
Is being stubborn positive or negative? What about a nation of people described as stubborn – is that critical or complimentary? The Torah says: “The Jewish people are a stiff-necked, obstinate and stubborn people.” The Midrash asks: “Is this a compliment?” Why?
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4. Intimate Secrets
Can we repair a broken relationship? Can we rediscover love after a betrayal? You may be surprised to learn that this week’s Torah reading answers this question with an unequivocal yes! Moreover, it actually teaches us methods how to rebuild a shattered relationship. Ten methods are presented here.
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5. Strength in Suffering
Every tragedy reminds us of all other senseless losses – and unbearable pain – known or unbeknown to us. How many broken hearts are crying around the world at this very moment? In this week’s Torah reading, Moses shows us the way to find courage as we deal with our struggles and challenges.
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