Korach: Mouth Of The World



Here is a story of a rebel and his cohorts, a dissident and his entourage – the Fortune 500 Corporation that was Korach & Company. 

Here is a story of the mouth of the earth – yup, the earth has a mouth and it was created in the first twilight of existence. 

Here is a tale of a sand-smelling Ishmaelite merchant and the eternality of truth. 

Here is a tale of leadership. 

As we shall come to discover in this sermon, leadership is not so much about speaking truths to the world as it is about inspiring the world itself to speak truth. Leadership is not so much about opening your own mouth but about opening the mouth of the world. Leadership is helping the world reach its deepest purpose by inspiring people to bridge mundane matter with meaningful spirit. 

True leadership is not about conveying truths to earth, as much as it is inspiring earth itself to convey truths to us. 

The question then is not: Where are all our leaders? But: Why are we not emulating our leaders? 

Moses, in this week’s Torah reading, tells us how to lead. Why don’t we?


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