What Do You Have More of in Your Life: Light or Darkness?



It’s a difficult question to answer and an uncomfortable topic to speak about, but it can illuminate much about your emotional health and the challenges you are dealing with, especially the invisible ones. This is the question: do you invest more time and energy in fighting demons or in spreading light? Which feelings do you identify with most: fear, anger, envy, disappointment, despondence, pessimism, apathy, resignation, lethargy, or optimism, hope, enthusiasm, happiness, gratitude, fulfillment, passion? When faced with a new possible relationship is your knee jerk reaction tentativeness and fear, or eagerness and excitement? Do you wake up in the morning happy or sad? What is your predominant mood: good or bad? What energy do you exude most: positive or negative?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this special Chanukah discussion on darkness and light — both in our personal lives and in the world around us. Discover how the Chanukah flames can help you access the hidden light within you, and master the art of dispelling the shadows in your psyche with that enduring luminance. Learn how you don’t have to continue being a victim of your own fears and anxieties, real or imagined. How you are not just filled with light, but an agent of light — a walking menorah, with the power to illuminate and warm everything and everyone.


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