Chanukah/Mikeitz: The Secret 36



Chanukah, the celebration of light over darkness, is happening today as much as it happened in the original story. Today, as then, there are forces of darkness trying to extinguish the innate light. Today, as then, there are elements attempting to profane the sacred, defile the pure, slaughter the peaceful and live.

Then it was the Hellenistic Greeks in Israel; now it is terrorists throughout the Holy Land, Paris and San Bernardino. Perhaps their ideology is different than that of the Greeks, but the goal is nevertheless the same: to extinguish the light.

Today, as then, light is and will always prevail and be victorious. Even a little light will extinguish much darkness.

The secret to this reality is found in the number of candles we light over Chanukah.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36

Thirty-six is the secret formula for light overcoming darkness. Thirty-six is the equation that will guarantee our victory.

And this is taught to us by none other than a great sage who suffered a terrible tragedy a few days before Chanukah.


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