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Get six complete and original sermons for Chanukah and Parshat Mikeitz (or purchase them individually)

1. The Secret of One Little Jar
Do our small – often unnoticed – acts make a difference? We derive the answer from this week’s Parsha and from Chanukah: both tell us the story of a small jar of oil … which Jacob found on Mount Moriah as he was making his escape from his brother Esau … and which the Maccabees found on Mount Moriah when they re-captured the Temple … a small jar containing enough oil for one day but which kept the menorah lit for eight days. More often than not, it is the small things that matter most.
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2.  Let There Be Light
Sad as it sounds, we usually appreciate things most when we lack them. In our free, comfortable and “enlightened” world we can often be quite blinded. But today, on Chanukah, we celebrate one of the greatest gifts in life – one that is so often overlooked: The gift of light. Light is so much more than a candle. To appreciate light imagine a world without it – a life shrouded in darkness and confusion, a life devoid of clarity, wisdom, truth, objectivity, illumination, warmth, and much more.
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3. The UN, Israel’s Enemies and Chanukah: Personal and Global Lessons
On this Shabbat Chanukah we learn invaluable lessons from the lights we kindle – lessons that are both profoundly soulful, as well as tremendously relevant and practical to our day and age. Sprinkled with some humor and a few disarming stories, we learn how Chanukah flames illuminate everything – from the UN to our personal lives.
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4. Eight Legs of Turkey
Are there any lessons to be learned from the confluence of national and Jewish holidays besides for a clash of cultures? We find the answer in this week’s Torah reading about the first clash between the Jewish and Egyptian cultures, and from Chanukah, which is the story of the clash between the Jews and the Greeks.
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5. Is Chanukah A Religious Holiday?
Chanukah – and its emphasis on oil – is about touching the deepest secreted levels of the divine and the deepest, secreted levels of our selves. This is how we light up the dark night. Two powerful stories on Chanukah in the Russian gulag reveal this hidden secret.
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6. The Secret 36
Chanukah, the celebration of light over darkness, is happening today as much as it happened in the original story. Today, as then, there are forces of darkness trying to extinguish the innate light. Today, as then, light will prevail and be victorious. The secret to this reality is found in the number of candles we light over Chanukah: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36
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