Mikeitz/Chanukah: The UN, Obama and Chanukah



What can Chanukah teach us about the latest attacks on Israel in the UN and by the Obama administration in its last weeks in office?

What can Chanukah teach us about Torah’s relevance to so many Jews who feel disenchanted with Judaism?

What message does Chanukah offer us that speaks to every one of our personal challenges?

The answer was given to us by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, quoting a surprising source.

On this Shabbat of Chanukah we learn invaluable lessons from the lights we kindle – lessons that are both profoundly soulful, as well as tremendously relevant and practical to our day and age.

Sprinkled with some humor and a few disarming stories, we learn how Chanukah flames illuminate everything – from the UN to our personal lives.


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