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Get five complete and original sermons for Parshat Mishpatim (or purchase them individually)

1. Four Guardians & One Donkey
Every detail in the Torah is a lesson in life. The fact that this week’s Torah portion teaches us the laws about a donkey and about the four guardians means that they contain directives for our souls and our life’s purpose.
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2. Holy Thieves
One of the greatest dilemmas in life is dealing with past mistakes and crimes: Can they be redeemed? One surprising verse in this week’s Torah reading teaches us how we have the power not only to correct our ways, but our very transgressions can become tools for good.
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3. Is Logic Logical?
Though we pride ourselves with our rational minds, how many of our decisions are actually driven by intellect rather than by emotions? And even when we are logical, what is the basis of our logic? One single letter in the opening of this week’s Torah portion dissects the very nature of logic itself.
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4. Is Slavery Kosher?
How is it that the Torah, which emphasizes human dignity and human freedom, also sets forth the laws of slavery? And how is it that the Torah does this right after a detailed description of the redemption of Jewish slaves from Egyptian bondage?
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5. What’s Your Credit Score?
Some of the greatest stresses in life are those revolving around financial burdens and fiscal responsibilities. But there is a way to avoid them. This sermon proposes a method to ease these concerns.
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