Naso: Reality vs. Delusion



Is wanting the ordinary to be extraordinary a delusional fantasy? Is dreaming that you can achieve great things delusional? Is thinking you can be a light bulb when the world says you are but hanging from a dark ceiling delusional? 

This is a sermon about delusions – and what the Torah has to say on the subject, which it addresses in Parshat Naso by way of a most fascinating phenomenon. This phenomenon has long hair, doesn’t drink wine or eat raisins, and never goes to funerals. It is a phenomenon the likes of which have been represented (accurately or inaccurately) in many major Hollywood productions and TV specials. 

The Nazir is one of the coolest Jews. He is compared to an angel, likened to a High Priest, has long flowing hair and the physical strength of a bodybuilder on steroids. 

The Nazir teaches us how to be excellent, how to realize our growth potential and not cut ourselves short, and how to turn ordinary existence into extraordinary reality

The Nazir teaches us that we control the world, the world doesn’t control us. 

We just have to be a little delusional.


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