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Get five complete and original sermons for Parshat Naso (or purchase them individually)

1. Moment of Insanity: How to Find the Right Mentor
In what is surely one of its strangest passages, the Torah in this week’s reading dedicates an entire section to the laws of sotah – an extensive process used to ascertain and hopefully dispel any suspicions of marital infidelity. Indeed, an entire Talmudic tractate is dedicated to the subject! But why?  What meaning and relevance could they have for us today?
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2. Are You Expressing Your Individuality?
Who doesn’t want to be unique? But is individuality actually possible when you have been and continue to be shaped by many forces – your childhood, parents, social and peer pressures? This week’s Torah reading provides a powerful response as well as the tools to actually discover your own individuality in the age of conformity.
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3. The Secret of the Priestly Blessing
What is the meaning and relevance of the Priestly Blessing, its nuances and its cosmic effect on ourselves, our environment, and our world – especially when we see a world increasingly spiraling out of control?
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4. Face to Face
This week’s Torah reading instructs that the holy ark be carried, not on wagons, but on the shoulders of the children of Kehos, walking face to face. The reason for this, and how King David could have forgotten this basic verse, teaches us an unforgettable life lesson.
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5. Reality vs. Delusion
The Nazirite is one who consecrates himself by abstaining from wine, not cutting his hair, and avoiding defilement by contact with death. He is compared to an angel and likened to a High Priest. What lessons does he offer us? He teaches us how to turn ordinary into extraordinary, and how we control the world, not the other way around.
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