Naso: Moment of Insanity: How to Find the Right Mentor



With so many charlatans, exploiters and just plain people without common sense, how can one find the right mentor?

In what is surely one of its strangest passages, the Torah in this week’s reading dedicates an entire section to what are known as the laws of sotah – an extensive process used to ascertain and hopefully dispel any suspicions of marital infidelity. And this issue is considered so important that an entire Talmudic tractate is dedicated to the subject!

But why? These laws were already considered inapplicable in the time of the Second Temple two thousand years ago.  Which only begs the question: What meaning and relevance could they have for us today?

On the other hand, we know that every word of the Torah is carrying a personal directive. So what can we possibly learn from the laws of sotah?

Well … quite a lot.

For one, the laws of sotah capture the real reason behind all human sins and iniquities – temporary insanity, which allows us to stray and wander away from our true calling.

For another, long before our modern therapists, the Torah has provided us with a proven method and criteria for finding a “soul doctor,” who can help us navigate our lives and find balance in an incongruous world.


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