Netzavim: The Best Remedy for Anxiety: Xanax vs. Torah



Do you have anxiety? Does this question make you anxious?

What causes anxiety, stress and worry and how to get rid of it?

Not so long ago, our grandparents were busy running for their lives escaping their enemies with only one thing on their mind – survival. They didn’t have the luxury or opportunity to deal with stress. But today, in one of the great ironies of history, though we live in freedom and are no longer fighting for our lives, anxiety today is more prevalent than ever (albeit in another form)! Today, we are overwhelmed by a deluge of options, pulling us in more conflicting directions than we have ever been pulled.

Is the answer Valium, Xanax, or Prozac?

No, the answer is not found in a pill, but in a scroll, namely: the Torah.

The antidote to angst, worry and stress is found in the opening sentence of this week’s Torah reading, which features woodcutters and water drawers. And it prescribes three remedies: work, chop, draw.

By becoming woodcutters and water drawers in our personal and professional lives, we remove anxiety and find a clear, mission-oriented purpose in life.

What better time to conquer anxiety than right before Rosh Hashanah? Let us remove all that troubles us and enter the New Year fresh and worry-free.


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