Nitzavim-Vayelech: Engraved & Written



Published on: 9/20/14

Lessons From Apple’s Keynote Event

Everything is digital. Everything is technology. Apple just announced its new digital watch. Soon watches will produce apples. Welcome to the future.

Everything is digital – except the Torah. The scroll remains handwritten in ink on parchment, by an expert scribe. And has been so for more than 3,000 years. Why has the Torah never been updated? Will we never read the parsha on Shabbat from an “e-scroll?” Why not?

The Ark of the Covenant contained the engraved tablets of the Ten Commandments and a written Torah scroll. The reason digitalization and technological advancements will never replace the engraved tablets and handwritten scrolls, is hidden in the profound difference between ingrained truths and handwritten letters. And between handwritten letters and digital signatures.

You see, the Torah is not something that can crash, that has to be plugged in, or that is updatable – there is no Torah 1, Torah 2, Torah 3.0, Torah 4S, Torah 6 Plus. Those are only for things outside of who we are.

The Torah is who we are; it is engraved on our souls by the Master Engraver Himself.

And it is our job to transfer by hand these engraved words onto the parchments of the world.

No virtual mechanism or technological advancement could ever do that.

And please forgive the pun, but only we can do what is write – it is engrave matter.


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