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Beyond Etiquette: How to Be a Better Person 4-Part Webinar


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“Our greatest blind spot is seeing our true personalities; the secret to all growth is examining and perfecting our characters”

What you will get out of the webinar:

  • Dissect your psyche’s 49 building blocks and gain a new perspective on your personality
  • Discover practical methods and new tools to radically improve your emotional life and relationships
  • Nourish each part of your character, strengthen the weaker parts and reinforce the stronger ones
  • Downloadable comprehensive study guide, with new exercises to grow emotionally and spiritually
  • Delve deeper into the story behind the story of Rabbi Jacobson’s classic, A Spiritual Guide to Counting the Omer

This webinar is designed for all individuals:

  • Searching for meaning
  • Of all spiritual beliefs and faiths
  • Looking for positive transformative tools
  • Trying to gain a deeper and more personal understanding of the Sefirat Ha’Omer
  • Dealing with a spiritual crisis or looking to fill a spiritual void
  • Wanting to expand spiritual strengths and self awareness

Discover practical methods and tools to radically improve your emotional life.


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