Pesach Day Seven: Do You Have an Unsung Song Inside You?



Published: 4/17/17


Do you have a song inside of you that you have never sung? A voice that has never been heard? Is it possible that your song is drowned out by the external commotion and noise of your life? Can we indeed sometimes not hear the music in our lives due to our being distracted by our struggle to survive?

Today, the Seventh Day of Pesach, is a day of song – when we recreate the song the Jews sang after the parting of the sea 3329 years ago today. Today we celebrate the song within each one of us, and the power of sing to release our innermost strengths and abilities.

What does a musical story of the Baal Shem Tov in Eastern Europe more than 200 years ago and an undercover musical performance by a world leading violinist, Joshua Bell, in Washington, DC a decade ago have in common?

A divine, symphonic, melodious message that could change your life.

Ahh, the power of melody. To close your eyes, sing a song and be transported to another time and place. Perhaps to a time and place that is beyond time and place. How can we tap into this mysterious – yet readily available – tool to reach transcendence?

With all our presenting life pressures and anxieties, how can music help us rise and soar? What can the mystery of melody, the synergy of song, the miracle of music teach us about our lives today? About being truly free? About learning to sing even in the most tone-deaf moments of life?

How can we each access our inner note, our unique musical key to compose the greatest symphony imaginable?

Peppered with anecdotes and stories about melodies, this sermon offers us a music lesson not to forget.



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