Pesach Last Day: Can You See the Big Picture



Published on 4/11/15

Water Wine and Wisdom

Do you have a vision for your life?

Do you only see things right in front of you or can you also see the big picture? Conversely, do you only see the big picture and don’t know how to have it inform the small pixels?

One of the great challenges in life is not to be distracted by the moment and by the details and see the broader panorama and context. And then, to ensure that the vision informs the details.

But vision is something we often take for granted. Especially when it comes to the vision of our lives – how we envision our mission in this world, our reason for being, the purpose of our existence.

The final day of Passover – in the words of today’s Haftorah – conveys the 20/20 vision of the Creator of the world.

This vision is full of very wet allusions, references to waters covering sea beds and knowledge covering the earth.

The ultimate result of all this water is, grapefully, wine.

Redemption is intoxicating.


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