Pesach: The Seventh Day: To See Beneath the Sea



To See Beneath the Sea: Actualizing Our Great Potential
Today we honor the parting of the Re(e)d Sea that took place on this day 3,323 years ago, seven days after the Jewish people left Egypt. It may be the most famous miracle in history. But an obvious question that many ignore demands an answer: Why the need for this miracle in the first place?!
Consider that no sea separates Egypt from Israel, so there was no need to part the sea for the Jews to make their way to the Promised Land. God took them on a long detour so that the parting could take place! Why?
The Midrash further complicates the puzzle by stating that not only did the sea split, but all the seas and water bodies in the world did likewise at that very moment!
Water and land – two worlds that live side by side. So different, yet so intertwined. Their relationship teaches us much about our own lives. About actualizing our deepest potential.
This sermon explores the complex symbiosis of land and sea, and how they embody two forms of consciousness which need to be bridged. The sermon then connects the dots to explain the historic importance of the splitting of the sea as a watershed moment that forever changed our destiny.
In the process it also examines the significance of a tsunami – such as the recent Japanese catastrophe – and the lessons it teaches us.


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