Portrait of a Chassid



The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Gansbourg.

What is a Chassid? A Chassid is a soldier who marches on the front lines, carrying out the commander-in-chief’s orders without question or hesitation. A Chassid’s life reflects the mission, vision and focus of the Rebbe.

“Ze sefer toldos adam” every man’s life is an entire book. Yet, some lives, due to historical circumstance and matters related, capture an entire era and reflect a broad stroke of the human story. Rabbi Hirsh Gansbourg was just such a man. Born in the throes of the rising Soviet menace to an illustrious family of Chabad Chassidim, his journey epitomizes the challenges, losses, joys and celebrations of life, unique to his generation.

As a genuine Chassid, a soldier in the fullest sense of the word, Hirsh loyally served his Rebbe. Despite personal challenges, he dedicated his heart and soul to the Rebbe’s initiatives, always rising to the call of the hour. Rarely does one come across an individual whose thoughts, speech and actions mirror, and are so closely aligned with the goal and focus of his mentor. As such, Hirsh the soldier offers us a model of a Chassid gentle, kind and committed; a beacon of light illuminating his family, friends and environment.


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