The Power of a Moment of Silence



Do you ever feel lost and overwhelmed by the accelerated pace of modern life? With information streaming at us from all directions at dizzying speeds, it’s hard to avoid the overload and over stimulation of our senses. Can we even measure the impact and consequences of all these “rush hours” on our psyches, and the amount of stress and anxiety it triggers in our lives? With so many forces tugging at us, what can we do to find space, tranquility and repose that our souls so desperately need? How do we prevent becoming splintered and burned out from this unceasing barrage?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he presents a simple but powerful exercise that can help each one of us find focus, clarity and purpose in our increasingly high-charged turbulent world. Discover some of the secrets that make your soul work at its best. Learn how a moment of silence each day can transform your life, dramatically improve our homes and our schools — and even make them safer — and help raise our social standards to new and unprecedented heights.


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