How to Deal With People You Don’t Trust



Trust is one of the most fundamental ingredients of a healthy life.  Trust of parents, siblings, family. Trust in marriage and relationships. Trust in business and social interactions. What would our lives be like without trust?

And yet, we most likely will meet people we don’t necessarily trust. How do we deal with such individuals? Or worse: We may encounter experiences where trust was breached. Situations in which someone you trusted — or should have trusted (like a parent or other family member) — has betrayed and hurt you. What do we do then? How do you face such people when you have no choice and must engage with them?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he addresses, in his unique style, this vital matter, and learn new life skills and tools to cope with trust issues. Can trust be regained after it was lost? How do we learn to trust, especially after we have been hurt? Can a relationship be mended after it has been fractured? What things can we do to engender and build trust in our lives?


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