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Selfless Leadership in the Bible



Regardless of social or political affiliation most people agree that we are suffering today from a lack of true leadership. Superstars in sports or in music, film and TV are looked up to — and even worshiped — as “leaders.” Leaders in politics and business are not trusted, and are certainly not seen as role models. Most are recognized as reaching the top not due to refined personality or inspired values, but due to ambition, drive, ego, money, power and shrewd manipulation. Can we hope to change things and cultivate a new generation of leaders? Do we even know what defines a leader? How would you describe a worthy leader to, say, your children?

And this is no small matter, because the leaders we choose reflect on who we are and what we stand for.

Where do we begin? Where are we to look to for healthy leadership models?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he enters the fray to, yet again, upend conventional definitions of leadership, and uncover fresh perspectives that can transform our lives. By turning to ancient texts, we discover the meaning and role of a real leader, and learn new ways to identify and nurture true and effective leaders, including the leader within you.


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