NEW! Shabbat HaGadol: Are You Afraid Of Public Speaking?



Are you afraid of speaking in public? Does even the notion of public speaking give you the shakes? Does anxiety overtake you as you prepare for a Shabbat sermon? Do you find yourself short of breath as you approach the lectern to deliver an important lecture?

Well, then this sermon is for you!

Jewish tradition asserts that Shabbat Hagadol is a time for speeches. Why, more than any Shabbat in the year, is the Shabbat before Pesach singled out to give a public lecture?

This sermon will answer this question by delving into the pathology and psychology of the fear of public speaking.

We will provide Torah-sourced tools to overcome this fear, ultimately turning the fear of public speaking into the fair of public speaking.

More than overcome: transform that fear into fuel for becoming the greatest — a true gadol — public speaker ever!

Spoiler alert: it has to do with onions (no, not the ones we dip in salt water).


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