Shavuot Day Two – Yizkor: From Mount Sinai To Silicon Valley: Modern Technology 3330 Years Old



The difference between people and machines is that machines are getting smarter and thinner.

Technology has transformed life as we know it. Information is readily available to billions of people with the click of a button. The nuclei of existence can be engineered into nuclear energy that could energize countries or, as we’ve seen with Iran and North Korea, threaten its very existence.

Silicon Valley did not create the technological revolution. Nor did Albert Einstein. The present revolution began at Mount Sinai.

Fascinatingly, every web browser has a tab titled “history.” One pithy sentence sums up the difference between the present and the past:

“Today, deleting history is more important than making it.”

If one is embarrassed of one’s history one seeks to delete it.

We Jews would never delete our history. We make history. And have been doing so for 3330 years.

This high-tech sermon will explore how the tablets of Shavuot and Sinai pave the path for the smart tablets of today – providing apps to ensure that technology is used to better the world, never destroy it.

Albert Einstein proved mathematically that E=MC2, that mass and energy are interchangeable.

But this reality was created and revealed to us 3330 ago, at Sinai.

Filled with humor and anecdotes, this sermon promises to rivet your audience with a refreshingly relevant Shavuot message.




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