Shavuot Day One: Where Does the Torah Originate From?



When was the first Torah ever written?

The Talmud says that Moses wrote thirteen Torah scrolls before he passed away.

In another place the Talmud says that the “the art of inscription and engraving, the stylus and the tablets,” all of which were used to engrave the Ten Commandments, were created twilight (bein hashmashot) at the end of the sixth day of creation. And yet another Talmud states that the Torah precedes creation (by 2,000 years!), when it was written as “white fire upon black fire.”

So which one is it? Was the Torah first written 2,000 years before creation, right before the first Shabbat on the sixth day of creation, or at Mount Sinai?

Perhaps the answer lies in the 613th mitzvah, which requires every individual to write a personal Torah scroll.

Writing a Torah scroll, or even one letter in it, is like receiving it at Mount Sinai.

Sure beats buying one on Amazon.


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