Shavuot Day Two: Lessons from Waze and Ways



Like everything we see and hear, Waze can teach us much about the ways we travel in this world.

Waze has over 50 million users. This is why Google (founded by two Jews) purchased Waze for more than $1 billion from its Jewish inventors!

And since Jews are the “light unto the nations,” forever enlightening the world, what are we teaching the world with this Israeli smartphone navigation app? And what can it teach us about G-d, ourselves, and the holiday of Shavuot?

[Two students in Israel’s vaunted Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, one, providentially, with the surname Bar-Sinai, hacked the incredibly popular Waze GPS map, simulating a fake traffic jam.]

In search of the answer, this sermon uses the Haftorah from the Prophet Habakkuk to define Shavuot. And it uses a majestic Midrashic analogy as well as a wordplay from the Talmud to reveal the essence of the Jews’ encounter with G-d at Mount Sinai and the secret of attaining both this and the next world, the World to Come.

It all has to do with Halachah, the Path, the Way, or … the Waze!

Waze is crowd-sourced information distilled into real-time optimal road navigation.

Halachah is G-d-sourced information distilled into real-time optimal life navigation.

Plug in and drive.



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