Shavuot: Marriage Secrets from Sinai



Marriage is a work zone.

Some areas we drive through, certain stretches of highway or city blocks, seem to be in perpetual construction: men in hard hats milling about; orange cones like candy corn; jackhammers, tractors, and drills pounding at the earth and our ears.

Marriage is one such work zone, a perpetual construction site that never stops working. The day the edifice of marriage stops building is the day marriage begins to get old, corrode, and crumble.

Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah and the marriage between heaven and earth. What personal marriage tips may we learn from this cosmic union?

What lessons does Shavuot teach us about the construction sites that are our marriages, how to better build them, maintain and refine them, and make them glorious?

Falling in love is glamorous; washing dishes is not.

The idea of love is romantic; suspending instant-gratification is not.

Torah is like falling in love, the idea and ideal of love; Mitzvoth are the obligations and chores that make a marriage functional, including washing dishes and suspending instant gratification.

Can you have one without the other? Can you infuse the daily chores and obligations of a relationship with passion and excitement?

Marriage is indeed a work zone.

And it also contains the secret of Yizkor.


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