Shemot: How To Balance Family And Work?



Stay-Home Fathers – As Husbands Do Domestic Duty, These Women Are Free to Achieve.” The article revolved around the balance – or tension – between a demanding family life and an excessive work life. 

The first time in history that this tension comes up is in this week’s Torah reading, which recounts Jewish family life in Egyptian bondage. The tale begins when Pharaoh, feeling threatened by the ever-expanding Jewish population oppresses them with excessive work. It happens gradually – first soft words, than hard labor, ending up with a quota demand that can only be achieved by working 20-hour days. 

How did the Jews in Egypt – literally enslaved by their jobs and facing circumstances much more threatening than Wall Street – balance this with caring for their families? How did they even have families when they were so overworked and so poor? 

By having their wives unleashing a secret weapon. By having their wives become … “animals” (in every positive sense of the word). 

Through a very unusual approach, this sermon answers the question for all overworked, modern-day toilers: When work-life and family-life are at odds, when stress and tension rule the day, what is the solution? The answer will surprise you.


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