Shemot: The Secret to a Great Marriage



Is marriage based on human logic? Every marriage has its challenges. How do you deal with hardships in marriage? How far should we go in keeping our marriages intact? What is the secret to a successful and sustainable marriage?

We find the surprising answers to these questions in a puzzling episode in this week’s Torah portion.

In it we also learn how a young woman was wiser than the sages of her time in appreciating the foundations necessary for a transcendent marriage. How she prevailed in preserving marriages even when there were grounds for divorce. And how the entire Jewish people would not exist if not for women.

The Egyptian exile represents all forms of constraints (as explained by the Alter Rebbe, whose 204th yahrzeit is this evening, on the 24th of Tevet). And the ultimate antidote to its oppression is to strengthen marriages, not to avoid them.

With high divorce rates and so much confusion around the dating process and what constitutes successful relationships these lessons could not be coming at a better time.


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