Simchat Torah: Why Do We Dance?




On Simchat Torah, we Jews dance with the Torah scrolls. But what about the Torah should cause us to dance?

Let’s be honest: How many here think of Torah as a “tradition” – one of which we are all very fond – but which harkens back to another time and place and has little to do with our modern lives, and little to say to the world at large?

Today, on Simchat Torah, let us take a look at what the Torah has given the world and how we can apply its message to help heal the wounds of this country. Because it badly needs healing.

A combination of a tottering economy, political unrest, the growth of Islam and its impact on Europe and the United States – all that and more, are contributing to profound unrest and uncertainty. People everywhere and of all political persuasions are restless, wondering where this country is headed. The economic meltdown, with no signs of abating, has only driven the point home that greed destroys, and that regulators cannot be trusted. And so, many are asking: What will be? What should we do?

Yet, sadly the Torah perspective is not in any way part of this discourse. And we, ourselves, are not looking into the Torah for the answers.

It is time to change that, and today is the best day to start.

This sermon presents an overview of the key values that the Torah has given the world – the key values upon which the United States of America was founded – and shows how the Torah’s core principles hold the solution to what ails America and the cure for the wounded world. Now, that is something worth dancing with.

Note: Key themes of this sermon were included in the Rosh Hashana sermon titled, The Jewish State of the Union Address. Here there are presented through the lens of Simchat Torah – appreciating the universal force of Torah.


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