Stress Response: What Men Can Learn from Women



Studies show that women and men deal with stress very differently. Women generally manage stress better than men do. Females are more likely to cope with stress by “tending and befriending” — nurturing those around them and reaching out to others. Males, on the other hand, lean toward the fight or flight response when reacting to stress — either bottling it up and escaping, or fighting back. Another intriguing statistic is that in stressful situations, the hormone oxytocin is released in women in larger amounts than in men. Oxytocin is related to the female reproductive hormones, and it promotes nurturing and relaxing emotions. In short, male stress is often built around — and handled through — performance, while female stress — and coping mechanisms — is related more to relationships.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he delves into this compelling discussion. By understanding the underlying forces that shape the different ways men and women are wired, we discover the reasons why they react so differently to stress and other challenges, and above all – what men can learn from women in living a more harmonious and nurturing life.


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