Sukkot Day One: Can a Boat Named S. S. Etrog Save Us from Hurricanes?



We are coming off hurricane season. Harvey, Irma followed by Jose and Maria, blowing seemingly out of nowhere.

What message does Sukkot, a festival of flimsy, temporary huts teach us about withstanding the elements, the seasons and the winds and storms of life?

In 1950, Israel commissioned a1,850-ton sea vessel. They named it, of all things, the S. S. Etrog.

Indeed, when Israel was considering its emblem and seal, one of the finalists was, the Etrog.

The Etrog is called pri etz hadar in the Torah. Hadar means beautiful, and it also means one “that dwells” through all the seasons.

What can the Etrog teach us about our essential pintele yid and tapping it to overcome and learn from every challenge – be it a seasonal hurricane or a personal storm?


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