Sukkot Day One: Which Type Of Sukkah Are You – Hugger, Protector, Opener?



Diverse personalities define our societies and communities, our cultures and our lifestyles. Often, personalities clash and create divisiveness, and even wars.

What can we do to counter that, without obliterating our diversity?

Sukkot carries the answer to this question.

Sukkot is a holiday of inclusiveness. Though we are different in our dispositions, personalities and characteristics, and we may gravitate to certain types and avoid others, one of the beautiful elements of this holiday is that it celebrates and brings together people from all ends of the spectrum.

More specifically, the Sukkah represents three types of embrace:

Huggers. Protectors. Openers.

The Chida’s brilliant insight into the word “sukkah,” reflecting the the three ways to build a kosher sukkah – with either four complete walls, three complete walls, or two complete walls and a third abutment – offers us an extraordinary lesson in how to love each other, and how to embrace and educate our children in a way that balances love and individuality.



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