Taking One Action Changes Everything



How powerful can one act be? Much talk is dedicated to the power of ideas, philosophies, innovations, concepts, theories and ideologies. But what about the power of the deed? Success, they say, is 10% idea, 90% execution. Some even say 1% idea, 99% execution. Yet, little is understood about the potency of action. We are creatures of thought and speech (especially compared to other species). Yet, it is action — and action alone (albeit, guided by strategic thought) — that actually effects real change in this physical world.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he dissects the anatomy and inner workings of the single act. What is the difference between thought and deed? You can talk all day about love, but only a kiss and a hug captures its full intensity. Discover the surprising forces that lie within the quiet deed, the enormous punch yielded by a simple act, and its personal and cosmic impact — how one action changes everything forever.


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