Tazria: The Big Bang Theory



We have all heard of the Big Bang. If we hadn’t then how big could the bang really be? 

But what does it mean for us? How does it jive with the Torah? Was the Big Bang Jewish? Is the Big Bang Jewish? 

Come, let us journey through the layers of science, along the mysteries of the cosmos, and into the nucleus of existence. Within the Torah portion addressing birth and purity we will come to discover the biggest bang of all. 


Recent early-stage evidence from the South Pole may indicate ripples from the Big Bang. That’s a theory anyway.

The scientists explain the Big Bang as “the beginning, when they suspect the universe was ruled by a single unified force.” Torah has taught this fact for a long time now. 

Man is an example of plurality – part biology and part divine. It is up to us to make man a model of singularity. 

We do so by making a Big Bang!


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