Tazria: What Treasures Are Hidden Within You?



Everyone – from young children to mature adults – loves to discover hidden treasure. We can all envision the sheer delight when we uncover secret riches in unexpected places.

Today we shall speak about how to discover the hidden treasures within ourselves.

There are many things in life that we treasure: we treasure our families and our communities; we treasure our health and our wellbeing; we treasure our successes and our accomplishments; and we treasure our gifts and our opportunities.

None of these are hidden treasures; they are revealed for us – and for all – to see.

Hidden treasure, the kind that comes with a map and a pirate ship, is another story. Hidden treasure is the preciousness buried deep within, the gems and jewels one finds when one least expects them and in the least likely of places.

More often than not, hidden treasure is more valuable than any overt treasure.

It is of this hidden treasure that this week’s Torah reading, ParshatTazria-Metzora, speaks.

This sermon also contains a story of Rav Nachman of Breslov which promises to unearth the hidden treasure within us all.


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